Looncoins πŸͺ™

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A fun currency rewarding interaction and poking fun at other virtual currencies by promising that these will never ever have any value.

For comments, visiting, and other mystery actions on my site you get Looncoins πŸͺ™ and and as you progress through the ranks (named after the rooms in the classic game Manic Miner) you’ll be able to claim bonuses like free time added to your account.

Exchange Rate:

200πŸͺ™ – 1 month’s free Bronze plan

400πŸͺ™ – 1 month’s free Silver plan

700πŸͺ™ – 1 month’s free Gold plan

To exchange coins for time, please send me a message

Position User Looncoins
1 Avatar photo MattBerg81 (Amoebatron Battler) 8618πŸͺ™
2 Dale Bills (Amoebatron Battler) 3253πŸͺ™
3 ΩƒΩˆΩ„ΩŠΩ† Ω…ΩˆΩ„Ψ§ (Kong Beast Scarer) 1815πŸͺ™
4 imleathercurious (Abandoned Uranium Worker) 498πŸͺ™
5 Avatar photo Littleleatherboy (Abandoned Uranium Worker) 486πŸͺ™
6 faux_leather_friend (Abandoned Uranium Worker) 428πŸͺ™
7 bz777777 (Menagerie Menace) 271πŸͺ™
8 Digipep78 (Menagerie Menace) 226πŸͺ™
9 Rubberdagon (Cold Room Warmer) 217πŸͺ™
10 LEATHERSUIT (Cold Room Warmer) 209πŸͺ™
11 Viking_Bln (Cold Room Warmer) 198πŸͺ™
12 Leatherlife789 (Cold Room Warmer) 186πŸͺ™
13 highbridge (Cold Room Warmer) 163πŸͺ™
14 Dulanjana (Cold Room Warmer) 149πŸͺ™
15 LibraFantasy (Cold Room Warmer) 136πŸͺ™
16 AllPutersky (Cold Room Warmer) 129πŸͺ™
17 Cristian David (Central Cavern Dweller) 119πŸͺ™
18 sloutrea (Central Cavern Dweller) 70πŸͺ™
19 Megaleather (Central Cavern Dweller) 65πŸͺ™
20 Shineinthedark (Central Cavern Dweller) 63πŸͺ™
21 Kinkyladdex (Central Cavern Dweller) 60πŸͺ™
22 Lthrblzrbear (Central Cavern Dweller) 55πŸͺ™
23 Robl_14 (Central Cavern Dweller) 51πŸͺ™
24 Kittabrick (Newbie) 47πŸͺ™
25 Rikatika (Newbie) 46πŸͺ™
Position User Looncoins

Notes: these are a fun currency and can be withdrawn at any time. Abuse of the system may result in deduction of points. The value of Looncoins may be changed without warning. Looncoins have no legal value. Counterfeit Looncoins may give you the lurgy or cooties. Careful where you source your Looncoins.