Nomen Luni

Ever since the mid 1980’s I’ve been a gamer. Originally on Atari 2600; Spectrum; then Amiga; Then PC; plus a whole host of Nintendo consoles, and even briefly a PS2.

Nomen Luni, however, is special to me because whilst playing Jet Set Willy back in the mid 80’s a friend of mind and I had always found the room a challenge – when I defeated it eventually and made it onto the roof of the mansion he accused me of lying.

We’re not friends these days…

Even though I never understood the significance of it at the time I later found out that if you combined the rooms Nomen Luni and Under the Roof you had the outline of a twin prop plane crashed into the roof of the mansion; and apparently Nomen Luni was a pun on Nomen Ludi (which is latin for The Name of the Game – the motto of Imagine Software which was written in English on their cassette inlays at the time).

The plane is from the game Zzoom, by Imagine software.
Ironically the root of the word Luni and Lunatic derives from Lunar; hence Lunatic refers to madness brought on my the moon.