49! How did that happen?


I’m 49 years old today. Next year I turn half a century. Now that WILL be a celebration and a half!

In my relatively short time on the planet we have experienced progress like no previous time; from my childhood where computers were things you saw in films, to the early days of 8 bit, through the 16 bit era, and up into the mobile revolution I’ve been there all the way.

As a rather awkward teenager I never thought I’d be where I am today – a much respected bassist in a rather successful covers band; a bassist who has enjoyed tours all over Europe and the USA, and one who has met and worked with many famous people.

My fetish journey has evolved across those years too. From a simple pair of leather jeans hidden away in the wardrobe, to wearing them for the first time in public, and now I’m bringing my passion for latex fashion to the fore with my ever growing collection of rubber clothing.

But for today, well a nice breakfast (breakfast is after all my favourite meal of the day), a visit to my favourite coffee shop, and then family round for dinner. No pomp. No circumstance. But possibly a three piece leather suit for part of this…

As for the photos, well we’re both a little disappointed with the photos I had with the walking stick and Andy the photographer is going to retake them tomorrow. Latex is a very difficult material to photograph so I can understand his woes!

To keep you going though… Here’s the video updated to include the first drafts. The first photo arrives with me tomorrow fully edited.