A bit of an update!


So I’ve had a really busy couple of weeks since Easter, both with my home life and my work life. I’m preparing for my 50th Birthday, the celebrations for which starts next weekend! Yes it’s hard to believe that it was so far away and now it’s just a few days away!

I’ve also been splashing out a little – I’ve had a few gigs come in so I can spend the money upgrading my gaming setup. I’ve got to say I’ve missed gaming in all those years I’ve been taking a back seat!

My first (and biggest) purchase has been a new PC. It’s a rather brutish PC Specialist system with a phenomenal Core i7 processor and GTX3070 graphics card. All backed up by a hefty amount of memory and SSD storage. Yes, it’s mighty fine!

Add on to that a few new outfits (all shiny, all ASOS!) so I can experiment with colour and texture a little bit more on my streams, plus a couple of extra RGB lights and you’ll understand why I’m committed to building my profile.

And now for my big TWITCH news – I’ve hit affiliate level! This means I can now choose the level of advertising on my stream and I can also make revenue from it! It’s a huge moment as it means I’m getting paid to play games! Not much. I’m not expecting to make millions, but a few quid to help me upgrade my gear would be nice.

Speaking of gear… Here’s my new outfits!

Those of you with silver tier🥈access or above can see all my recent galleries here.

If you don’t already follow me over on Twitch, please consider it, and remember that you will always be able to watch me there for free – it’s just advertising supported. Sorry but I don’t get to pick the adverts!


So what does Twitch affiliate status mean for me? Well not much changes, but I’ve now got to turn off simulcasting to other platforms. Twitch has 24 hour exclusivity on all streams. My archives will still go onto YouTube, just not as promptly as before. I’m probably going to have a week lag between.

This weekend is a holiday weekend in the UK and I’ve got a few things planned, however, I’m hoping to stream tomorrow afternoon for an hour or so. Probably at around 3pm 🇬🇧. Catch you later!