A new controller


Having got the steam deck last month I’m now decking out my gaming setup – so basically I’m trying to create a non tethered setup, wireless where possible.

The first part of this is the dock, which was bought on Amazon and is the fairly well respected jsaux dock. I’ve not gone for the newest version with the inbuilt storage because honestly I don’t think I’ll need it. I want my gaming to be portable not dock dependant.

Next is the keyboard. For this I’ve chosen a Razer BlackWidow V3 with it’s RGB lighting and much quieter yellow key switches. I tried a few in Currys and the noise would get on my nerves, but the yellows seemed a compromise between noise and feedback.

Next off is the mouse, and again, I thought it was important to try it first. Hand feel and sizing is really really important with a computer mouse, as is the “does it work on my trouser leg” test for emergency clicking manoeuvres. The Razer Naga Wireless Pro fits the bill perfectly.

Now it’s very important to point out that my absolute demand on all these devices is that they are multi mode – they can all run wired, wireless 2.4 or Bluetooth – hence the prices being fairly hefty in some cases!

My very final purchase has been a controller. Now Steam has, for a few years, been built around the Xbox control system, even referring to the buttons using the Xbox terminology; and so my natural choice was to get an Xbox compatible wireless controller as they are after all by definition Bluetooth.

I looked at a few third party options, including some with LED lighting, but in the end I settled on a genuine Xbox controller – opting for the mineral Camo with my personal favourite colour scheme in the blues, teals and aqua splodges of camo.

Also, the Xbox controllers are about £55 each – much cheaper than the Razer version – especially for something you don’t generally look at.

Thus completes my semi portable gaming setup. I’m now looking for a small enough backpack to carry it all in (plus a few cables) but I want one really specific to just carry the gear and nothing else.

I’ve already got a little one perfect for the steam deck and cables alone.

We shall see…