Alton Towers – October 2023


Another monthly visit to Alton Towers. October and November are my absolute favourite times to go because the gardens look absolutely gorgeous at this time of year.

Due to a slightly cooler snap I decided to actually leather up for this one – first time in ages – and I can assure you of one thing; a guy in leather trousers will get his arse checked out lots! You do notice heads turn. Are you a leather wearer who has noticed this happen?

Tom and I had a really nice run out there (I do love the Hartington route) and the park wasn’t too busy either – the longest queues were billed as 20 minutes but to be honest apart from one Wicker Man queue, most rides were less than 10 minutes queue time and many were straight on.

Tomorrow starts Scarefest and Lawrence is heading there for that. Let’s see the difference a day makes eh?