Alton Towers part 2


Dinner was in my usual haunt, Woodcutters. Their vegan burger is great! Washed down with a Bud Light.

It’s amazing how the 20% Gold Membership brings the price down too.

After lunch and a few rides on Th13teen I chose to walk through the gardens. I forget how much of a climb it is down into the gorge, but it’s worth it to find places like this.

Onwards to Galactica, Nemesis, Funk n’ Fly, The Blade, back to Rita (which was closed earlier due to a fault) and then wrapping up with a final ride on Wicker Man (still running on one train).

Yes it’s my first ride on Funk n’ Fly and I’ve got to say it’s ace!

Anyhow, here’s my ride photos.

Farewell Alton Towers for a few weeks…