An unexpected purchase!


Hell I need to calm down a little! I’ve made a few impulse purchases and I’m going to have to pay them off pretty sharpish – bit there is a solution, which I’ll explain to you now.

First, a few weeks ago I received an email from Google saying that they were finishing Stadia. I used Stadia a lot, and was a bit miffed (read : FUMING 😡) when I read this. I’d invested over £350 on the platform buying games and hardware and it was all about to become useless. They I read on.

Google, in their wisdom (probably dodging the bullet of a class action lawsuit) had taken the decision to refund all users for hardware and software purchased on the platform, with the refunds to be made between now and January. Phew. I was looking at a £388 refund then, so what to do?

Well it turns out Steam have made a Steam Deck, which is like a Nintendo switch form factor, but super powerful and able to play loads of top notch games on the move. So I ordered one.

I’ve got the top line one coming, with 512gb of storage. It’s now shipped and currently in the Netherlands on it’s way to me.

Then I spent some money on a battery brick (another £50!), then, with my newly discovered health kick I’ve started drinking a lot of smoothies but I want to make them myself and tailor them to my own tastes. So I’ve ordered a Blendjet 2 portable blender/smoothie maker.

This colour, to be precise. No teal ☹️ but this ocean blue is nice. That’s on it’s way from the USA now.

Finally, damn you @digipep78! You told me about the suit last night. I ordered one. I shouldn’t have… But hell, phwoar! It’s gorgeous! Even if it is pleather.

Of course, I had to do a video in it too.

Yeah it’s gorgeous isn’t it?!

You can buy the trousers here and the jacket here should you want the look yourself.