Bank Holiday Weekend update 🥈


This weekend has been a bank holiday in the UK. Today is “bonus Monday” which is also a holiday. No banks open. Limited shopping hours. No post.

Saturday I fancied a bike ride, so I took the Fiido up to Meadowhall. I’d seen there was a Beach event there so I decided to go and have a bit of fun.

The main Rollercoaster was a Reverchon spinning wild mouse. A decent enough coaster. This particular incarnation was getting a little rough around the edges.

I also went on the large Ferris wheel, and for good measure I did a few flat rides too – including a helter skelter, which I’ve not ridden one of in at least 15 years!

The fair was ok. I can see the planning and thought that’s gone into it – and I definitely think it would be much better for kids. The horrible weather did really dent the number of people there though. The rain fell on and off whilst I was there.

Sunday was gig day. I like gig day. Farm Fest. A last minute booking from a couple of weeks ago. It was wet, it was rainy (for the morning anyway), and it was a bit of a strange layout. I thought the hay bales should have been much closer to the stage – the audience were over 50ft away! But who cares? It was fun, we had a decent enough gig, and it was a nice little earner for a bank holiday Sunday.

One good point is that with the rain I did get to wear my rubber Dr Martens for practical rather than fetish reasons! I even did the gig in them. I wouldn’t like to wear them all day – they are rather sweaty.

Last night I streamed again. It was a really quiet stream, mostly I think because of the people who are away. I might stream again today for a while. Not sure.