Broken Phones & Perseids


I broke my streak – I missed a post yesterday but I had good reason. On Thursday afternoon I was answering my phone whilst sat having dinner in my van. It was really hot and I had the door open.

Well the next thing I knew I juggled the phone and it hit the deck hard. The bezel around the outer screen was scratched really badly and the corner of the cover screen was cracked.

Even though the screen seemed to be responding OK I decided to claim on the insurance as the crack was sharp, plus the edge of the screen possibly had compromised water IP rating.

The replacement arrived on Friday by courier, and after a few hours setup I totally ran out of time to blog.

Why? I hear you ask?

Last night was the Perseids. Every year at the observatory I run Camp Perseid – we observe until the early hours and then spend the night either camping or sleeping in the building

Last night thanks to the gorgeous weather I cycled up there and camped over.

We saw 24 meteors in total, not bad considering the full Perigee moon hanging in the sky.