Changes to the Gaming Room


I’ve had a few changes over the last few days after deciding to finally take the plunge and get some Govee Glide hexagonal panels. I’ve seen a few streamers using them and I think they look awesome. The light from them really looks cool.

So I stripped the shelves (and moved them to the back wall) and removed the rawlplugs. I’ve not bothered filling the holes as I know the new panels will cover them (or most of them at least)

Once the new panels were fitted and set-up – the sticky pads on the back made this really easy to do, although the primary panel absolutely refused to stay stuck so I had to stick this on with some OB-1 – they look amazing. You can see them in my streams now – I even did an announce stream to show them off.

Here’s my first photo with them. The lighting is now a bit screwed but it doesn’t take long for me to sort this out – the next couple of streams will be spent tweaking this.

Of course it was the inaugural stream with the new lights, so I had to wear my full three piece suit! It’s in the rules. My rules, of course.

Honestly though, I think I’m there now. I just need to sort my front lighting colours and tweak what I have but I think I have the gaming room cracked. I’m going to get some acrylic posts to stand my Nomenloony sign on (it’s currently on a Tetris block box!)

In other news, I’ve restarted my Patreon… go to – mostly for stream announces.