Cleaning the tunnels again


My weekly procedure since fitting the tunnels in my ears has to be to give them a thorough cleaning otherwise they get very smelly very quickly.

I usually take them out every couple of days and give them a good wipe with a tissue, and a spray with an antiseptic spray, but the weekly procedure is a deep clean.

First I remove all tunnels and place them in a tiny bottle I kept just for this job. I fill this with neat TCP or Dettol. This de-funks the tunnels themselves.

Then on to the holes…

First I wipe the general area using TCP or Dettol. Both the front and the back of my ear, using cotton wool. Then I’ll usually squeeze the ear inside the cotton wool to try and get some of the solution to go into the holes.

Next I wipe down my stretcher tapers using the same stuff and slide them into place, putting an o-ring on to keep them in place (note that the o-rings are needed as the tapers now just slide through if left alone.

Once the tapers are in I’ll usually have a bath (I only have 1 or 2 baths a week because I’m more a shower person) but I’ll have a nice salty bath as it’s good for the mind and body too.

As I get towards the end of the bath I’ll remove the tapers and let the salt water do it’s thing. I’ll also give the tapers themselves a good wash to remove the Dettol or TCP smell (I love it, the lady not so).

Finally I’ll give the tunnels a good wash through, and depending if I’m going out or not I’ll refit them, or put a taper back in.

I’m ok in tapers for a while, but I tend not to keep them in as they do fall out. I’ve seen guys wearing them all the time, but they’re not a me thing. I’d rather have a hoop, or the really cool enigma style ones if I’m keeping a taper in. Plus, the little rubber o-rings get whiffy really quickly!

I might add, that throughout most of this procedure the little old lady was watching on!