Facebook, the diabolical.


On Thursday Evening my Facebook was hacked; despite having 2 step verification, which in Facebook’s case is obviously absolute garbage. The hacker posted a terrorist promoting photo, which promptly got my account suspended and locked.

The first I knew was when I tried to log in and I was told that my account had been suspended, and that I was already in the appeals process – a process which takes 24 hours, or longer.

Well 72 whole hours later and NOTHING has happened, thus confirming my offical theory that Facebook no longer gives a shit about it’s users, it’s platform, or indeed continuing as a thing.

Thus, for continuity I have created a “Nomen Loony” facebook account, and added a few friends – just so they know I’m OK and can spread the message about the hack.

I’ve also told my friends where the name Nomenloony comes from, as many of them didn’t know about it. Indeed it’s now on the wall in four inch high letters behind my monitor!

Today I also went out for my first proper bike ride of the year – just a short one – about 4 miles, but it’s a nice beginning to returning to form and getting my exercise every day (nobody can accuse me of anything otherwise to be honest looking at my Samsung Health figures – I often exceed my daily targets by 50% or more!

It was cold. Many layers cold. I had a hoodie and a coat on!

As an aside, I’m reducing the number of categories I put each post into, now limiting it to no more than five – and using tags instead to identify the post too. It makes the titles of the posts cleaner.