I’m not saying I’m a bit of a kid but…


I needed a new small toothbrush. I tend to buy a kid’s sized one. It’s because I’ve got missing teeth at the back of my mouth and it helps me to reach in better. My last one was Minions, but my current ones…?

Well I saw these in B&M so I had to! They light up!

Meanwhile, whilst in B&M I also occasionally buy some fancy cereals – my general cereals tend to be Lidl own brand ones, which are totally cool and I enjoy them very much – but occasionally I get a treat. Now whilst in the USA I tried Froot Loops – they’re very synthetic (as I found many flavours in the USA to be) but I found Kellogg’s started to make them in the UK using real fruit flavours. The colours are somewhat tamed down too. Many bright food colourings are banned or restricted here (usually prohibited in food aimed at children).

The Lion cereals? Well who doesn’t love a Lion bar?