“Just a minute” πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Huge props to these cyclists who are now blocking traffic for “just a minute”, the same amount of time delivery drivers and takeaway drivers think it’s ok to park on dedicated cycle infrastructure.

We need to start being more militant around here. I’m regularly forced onto the road because my dedicated cycle lane has some dickhead parked on it. We should start blocking the road until our lane is clear.

Dedicated infrastructure is designed to avoid conflict but when it’s poorly designed and drivers can enter it, then what point does it serve?

We need to see more devices such as armadillos used to protect us, whilst still giving emergency services the ability to access areas

Armadillo devices in use.

These devices are made from recycled plastics, they’re painted in highly reflective paint and are bolted to the road to deter motorists from entering the dedicated cycle lanes, but if required emergency services can still drive over them carefully. Most standard cars will experience scraping and contact with the understructure when driving over the biggest versions of these.

Such a simple and yet life saving idea.