My forever look.


This has been a few years coming; I’ve noticed my hair receding and thinning on top and I’ve never been a fan of the bald spot or wispy hair look.

Behold, my baldy look.

The last time I was fully bald I was much fatter so my head wasn’t as shapely to carry the look, but now I think it looks cool. Also, my complexion is a little darker these days as I’ve become so much more of an outdoor person – I always think that’s a nice look for full bald guys.

I decided to go to Boots and buy a new Philishave because in all honesty they’re the best electric head shavers and my old one is over 15 years old (and you can’t get the parts for it anymore). I think I might need a fundraiser for it… bloody hell they’ve shot up in price! They were never cheap, but over ¬£100. The top of the range was nearly ¬£500. For a shaver. Seriously!

Going forward I’m going to get used to wearing hats more, not that I’m a particularly cold headed person, but I think over winter I need to add one to my regular fashion choices. I look good in hats, especially with leather trousers.