My new gaming and geeking setup.


I’ve got a gaming den after many years of not having anything. Here it is in it’s entirety. It’s just our tiny little box room, but it’s a great little space for my setup.

The chair and desk are by XRocker, the monitor is an MSI 30″ extra wide, and the keyboard and mouse are by Razer. Tomorrow I install my webcam and other such toys to complete my setup.

I’m still torn on how to sort the functional lights in there. There’s a hideous fluorescent on the ceiling and one lighting the painted moon, but I need to sort something nicer (and RGB) for both.

The carpet is probably the most 90’s carpet ever, but as I say it’s previously been a box room.

Finally… Look at the width of that monitor! 21:9 aspect ratio. That’s a hell of a lot of desktop real estate!

Here it is running netflix.

It’s not often you get the black bars down the sides!