Rawmarsh Trades


Officially my closest gig at just under a mile away and with under a 5 minute journey home. It’s a great club, just a few steps for the load in.

We arrived at about quarter to 6, had the stage fully loaded in and set up before 7 complete with sound check.

It was absolutely lovely to see loads of my family there too with it being a local gig. If was also great to see that they sell Hendos! These are the finest crisps in the world and are flavoured using Henderson’s Relish which is in no way similar to Worcester Sauce.

A very typical stage setup – we’re very experienced at this!

I also got to give my new camera phone a little tester by zooming in. Not bad at all! Not amazing, but for a device you carry in your pocket at all times rather than having to carry a camera with you it’s pretty much perfect.

Stage times were 8:45 and 10:30 so actually not too had at all for South Yorkshire which usually runs much later than the North East.

Anyhow, here’s the photos above in my usual lightbox so you can have a look closer.