So… I accidentally tripped…


I was walking along Hallgate, just passing Limited Edition Tattoo and Piercing and I tripped over a discarded banana skin. I fell through the door, tumbling all the way, and managing to fill in a consent form in the middle of my fall.

I can’t figure out how it happened but I fell into the piercing room, landing quite roughly on a 1.6mm cannula, which went straight through my ear!

Isn’t it amazing that it was in the perfect place though, otherwise I’d have been more than a little miffed!

Thankfully there was a registered body piercer there who could sort it out for me, and he put a 1.6mm labrette in the hole to “stop infection”…

Absolute stroke of luck!

Anyway, I’m now feeling much better after what was a very rough experience.

*some of the story leading up to the piercing incident may be total bollocks.