I’ve been streaming gaming for a few weeks now, and I have to say I’m getting better at it – and more confident actually talking whilst gaming too. I’m making a gimmick that most of my streams will have some element of fetish wear involved.

My lighting and effects setup is also now really taking shape as is shown on my latest two gaming room Instagram photos; paying particular attention to the photo of me in the petrol blue latex suit; which has my “leg lights” in use – a strip of LED’s fitted below the desk specifically to create highlights on my trousers; which are usually shiny.

I have to say, as a latex fetishist; but also as somewhat of a photographer, that the lighting is great for video streaming. It really allows the latex to shine and reflect in all the right places.

My twitch is at (or click the social media twitch logo in the header bar on my website). You don’t need an account or app to watch either – you can just use the web client).

I hope you’ll join me as a grow my Twitch channel. I’m going to simulcast from my phone to my Instagram for a few weeks too.

My weekly stream is going to be 6:30pm till 8 every Sunday evening (GMT).

There’s also three new photo sets for you to see:

Latex Suited (old lighting)

Black Latex

Latex Suited (new lighting)

or you can always just head over to my 🥈galleries and see them all.