We want a general election!


If you’ve been walking round with your eyes painted on for the last few years then you’ll have missed how badly the UK is doing at the moment.

Scotland want to leave us; Wales are starting to re-name all their things using the Welsh language names (eventual aims to leave?) and Northern Ireland is a strange mess of borders and politics.

What’s really causing massive grief in this country though is our government. We didn’t choose them, they were put into power on a minority enabled by a broken electoral system, and they won’t take the hint and fuck off.

We’ve had liar clown Boris as leader; then the incalculably thick Liz Truss, who had a life span shorter than that of some fruit and vegetables; and now we’ve got an unchosen leader who couldn’t even beat the thickie in a poll of their own members. (Possibly because he’s a bit brown for their racist 60+ male white dominated membership).

They’ve now just had an “autumn statement” and even in that they’ve slipped in hidden tax cuts to banks.

Nobody cunts like a Tory cunts.

They’re even keeping the triple lock on pensions to keep their pensioner voters happy.

But this is where the problems lie – they’re pandering to the baby boomers – all of whom are now in their late 50’s and over. They are actively hurting the young by placing a huge pension burden on them, when in fact this current generation of pensioners were very hard on their own generation of pensioners back through the 70’s and 80’s, and yet they are expecting so much more.

Baby boomers in particular have been very cruel and avaricious in the workplace, often hindering job progress by the young; often staying in high paid jobs and blocking promotions for those below them. (Very much so in teaching). Setting the lower down the ladder workers wages much lower to give themselves now money.

They aren’t means testing the pension – thus placing an even bigger burden on the young workers to push more money up to the rich pensioners. It was said yesterday that more pensioners are millionaires than are living in poverty, whereas 20% of young families are accruing debt; and they no longer live luxuriously.

Purchases of entertainment goods have fallen sharply. TV sales have dropped. People have stopped taking credit to buy new goods for fear of rent increases.

And that’s the other problem – pensioners own their homes, the young rent theirs. Dead money.

Prices have reached unreasonable levels and the interest rate is shooting up. Inflation is back in double figures and the Bank of England is issuing – in essence – war bonds.

The Tories are doomed – this current generation have seen to that. They will lose the next election, and by 2029, when the following election takes place their pensioner voter share will have decreased even more because they are only pandering to the white hair brigade and the thick racists.