What an amazing weekend.


It started well on Friday night with a great chilled evening in. It was hot out so we spent pretty much the whole of the evening sat outside enjoying the night falling. The back garden is looking truly lush now as the plants we put in are all really filling in the gaps.

Saturday was gig day, and as you know, gigging in the blue hour as the night falls is one of the finest things in the world you can do.

Finally, Sunday, the last day of the weekend – and we had a really relaxing day. I headed up to the Observatory for a late afternoon impromptu Solar Sunday – the sun is a little more active than it was last time we observed it.

Thankfully we had the building to shade us as the UV warning for today was “extreme” and the temperature in the sun was in excess of 28°C.

As we were there a few lenticular clouds were visible over in the West. Did I ever mention this area is pretty much the global capital for this type of cloud, when generally they’re not that common. They’re created by particular land formations and apparently we have the perfect setup to cause them to form.