When you get a new outfit and then never get to wear it!


So as you’re aware, last week I finally took delivery of my latex suit; and a very fine suit it is. Oddly though, I’ve only worn it twice!

I’ve been so mentally busy for the last week and a half that I’ve had absolutely no time at all to dress up in it! However, this weekend is a bank holiday (including today, Good Friday) so let’s see what happens eh?

In other news though I’m still working at my piercings. I’m trying to get all my holes to take 1.6mm bars just because it gives me a fantastic choice of body jewelry to be able to wear.

Today I’ve got a full complement of rainbow Titanium stuff in. I’ve got to say though, the top two hoops feel rather tight still but I’m using plenty of moisturiser to try and lubricate the holes.

One of the commonest things that people doesn’t realise when expanding a hole is that any pain they feel is often actually the pain of the stretcher grabbing the skin! Moisturiser can fix a lot of these problems.

I’ll get a bit on a finger, rub it onto the hoop and then rotate the hoop into my ear and back whilst pulling the lug to allow the cream to go in.

Sheffield night out

Last night was a fet meet-up. First time for me, but definitely not the last. I rode the Fiido to the tram terminus, then caught the tram to Cathedral, before cycling onwards to the venue. It was a lovely mild night.

I met quite a lot of new fetish friends and added them all on Fetlife.

See you all in May guys!