Why do you do so few photo sessions in the latex suit?


Regular followers of my blog will have noticed that to say I have a new latex suit, there are fewer than 20 occasions on which I’ve worn it, compared to the pvc and leather suits. Someone recently sent me a message requesting I wear it more, so here’s an explanation why I don’t, even though I absolutely adore wearing it!

So first of all I have to consider “do I want to wear it today?”

Once that question is answered, then the next one is “what’s the ambient temperature?”

Anything above 22°C rules out the three piece, but doesn’t totally rule out wearing latex.

Once I’ve decided it’s good to wear it, I then have to consider the time allowance – you see, once you wear latex you have to wash it and air dry it. If you leave it unwashed the sweat and other bodily fluids will rot it, so assuming that takes 20 minutes after wearing, and then it’s hanging up overnight drying, so it needs dusting and packing away the next day – another 10 minutes.

So if you’ve got time to do that, then the next consideration is dressing in it. It’s usually good to put on some form of dressing aid, especially if like me you don’t shave body hair. Latex will pull and rip at hairs. That’s a 5 minute job spraying and rubbing dressing aid on myself.

Once I am in the dressing aid I then start the process of dressing. Shirt first, then trousers, then tie (and because the tie is latex it’s not as easy to tie as a regular one). Once I’m in those items then I apply silicon over the areas where another layer is to be worn (waistcoat areas, sleeves) as latex over latex grabs.

Finally I put on my waitlist waistcoat and jacket and the suit is complete. Apart from a polish and shine, which if you’re wanting it to be perfect can take 10 minutes too.

So the whole procedure of just wearing the suit can be an hour, not counting the time spent in the suit!

So as you can see, unlike my leather and PVC suits where I can just jump into them for 10 minutes to do a vlog, latex takes a bit more forethought.