A bit of a catch up.


As you’re aware, my phone broke. It was a very sudden break. No warning. The screen inside just wouldn’t turn on. It’s amazing how much you use your phone, especially as a blogger.

The first bit of news is a rather nice astronomical event we did in Rotherham in support of the Moon exhibit being in Rotherham Minster.

I have to say the moon being indoors is slightly sinister, if very cool.

I’ve also fitted a few new fire alarms, including a rather fancy (and expensive) wireless system.

Finally, in other news, my black latex jeans need a repair. The glue has come adrift at the side of the zip. I’ve always been a bit concerned how thin they are (0.3mm I think) so I decided to take advantage of Libidex doing free express production and I ordered some nice thick 0.8mm jeans.

It’s always slightly exciting when you get a parcel like this…

Especially when the jeans contained within are a beautiful fit! I’m glad I went for the 36.5″ waist version. I’ve now ordered a belt to go with them.