Excellent Performance!


So I just gave my gaming PC a leg stretch on a PC benchmarking program.

I think we can say it’s fucking good!

Meanwhile in other news, the rubber jeans of disappointment are now the rubber jeans of repairedness. I bought a stud kit from Hobbycraft and did the repair myself. I’m certainly not returning them to get them shipped back to me. I used to do press stud installation occasionally at one of my previous jobs, so I’m sure I can cope with a 15mm stud installation. I’ve got enough to repair the ones on my red jeans too. It’s not broken, it’s just rusty.

Here’s how it looked before the repairs. This type of stud is usually used on anoraks, and perhaps latex shirts.

And here it is repaired by me.

Going forward, my judgement is out on Libidex. A few of my friends have said “they’ve gone downhill recently” and mentioned quality control. Seriously, in a limited marked where we talk, they need to sort this!

Anyhow, the repair meant I could wear them twice over the last week… first last Thursday to see one of my old bands (think patching up past relationships)

Then yesterday to a christmas party.

Tonight… I chill. I’m very tired after call-outs and parties. I’m going to do a little quiet time in Valheim.