A fellow Kris!


I was emailed recently by another Kris who would love to buy my domain kris.blog – sorry fella, it’s not for sale; but thanks for the interest. I know it doesn’t look like it’s used, just forwarding on to here, but I host many of my images there which are used on this site, plus I use it for email addresses (particularly one shot addresses when you need to give someone an email address, but then don’t want the deluge of spam!).

Nice to meet you though, and all the best with your own blog. I hope you find your own great domain (other kris. domains are available – I often get emailed about them).

I’m actually tweaking my branding slightly – changing the .com to .co.uk (I own both) but in this world I think it’s nice that the person knows where you’re based using your domain name, and the restrictions on where you live and what you can buy are now getting really good – for example, you have to now prove UK citizenship to buy certain .UK domain names.