A New Suit!


Finding myself with a little time to kill near a certain area of Nottingham I thought I’d go and see a latex manufacturer – Invincible Rubber .

After making an arrangement to visit (they aren’t generally open “shop hours” as such, you need to check they’re actually around) I arrived into a rather busy old mill building car park and parked up.

You wouldn’t think a well known latex manufacturer was hidden in that building!

On the first floor and behind a doorbell and locked door you find Invincible. An absolute goldmine of latex. Just latex. No PVC or leather is to be found here.

The staff were absolutely amazing; and I told them I was comfortable in latex – and was used to dressing in it. They let me try on multiple outfits – but my interest was in a zip top and a latex catsuit, plus some gloves.

I tried on two catsuits – one with a front zip, and one which was neck entry. My heart wanted the neck entry one (right), but my mind told me the zip front one (left) was the way to go.

I asked if the owners were OK with photographs and that was absolutely fine – they actually took some photos for me!

So what does it look and feel like? Well it’s absolutely amazing! It feels tight and is truly superb to wear. It shines up absolutely gorgeous!

I’m not sure how much I’ll use it because after about 2 hours of wearing… this was the sweat I poured out of the boots!