Retro Pacman Goodness


As you’re probably aware I’ve got a huge soft spot for our yellow mouth/pie friend.

Yesterday I had some parcels arriving – yet more pacman merchandise.

First some Super Pacman scratchcards. These were huge when I was a kid (along with the regular Pacman versions) and I scratched loads off.

These, however, are not getting scratched. They’re getting preserved.

Second is a really special game – Entex released this around the same time as Tomy released Pacman and grandstand released Munchman; but the Entex game was better. Better graphics on the VFD display, a better maze than the Grandstand one, and up to four ghosts too.

Of course Entex were sued and lost, but briefly until the Colleco Pacman VFD came out this was officially licensed, but then withdrawn from the market. Copies aren’t common, and in box is very rare. I got this at a pinch on eBay because the up/down controls aren’t working very well, but it’s a 20 minute repair and requires no parts – just cleaning solutions.

I’m currently bidding on a Colleco official Pacman on eBay, but this is the better game.

Maybe one day I’ll get a full size arcade machine…