Zelda by Candlelight


A few months ago I saw an advertisement on Instagram for Zelda by Candlelight. The concert was a piano one, in an old church up in Leeds. I decided to go for it and book tickets. The tickets were £40 each for premium (front row) which to be honest wasn’t much higher than regular B or C tier tickets, so I got two. One for me and one for the lady.

The day arrived on Friday and we headed up to Leeds for the concert. Of course I dressed up… Leather suit it was. I decided against the leather shirt as well as it was rather warmer than I’d be comfortable in.

We sat outside for a few minutes until the doors opened. There was a front lawn with benches so it was really nice.

The concert was really good, but not brilliant. The pianist was excellent, the venue was lovely – but a couple of things disappointed me.

  1. The seats were not comfortable! The chairs were really hard, narrow, and squeezed too close together.
  2. It was an electric piano not a real acoustic one.

Two was my biggest annoyance. If you’re selling a piano concert for such a huge amount of money (250ish people in paying a lot of money) then surely a baby grand would not be off the cards? And not an electric keyboard inside an enclosure? We’ve had pianos hired in when I was running gigs. It’s not too difficult to do, and the companies deliver, tune, and collect!

Still, it sounded ok and I still enjoyed it; and I’d still go again.