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I’ve had a big update to my blog including more content, more photos, better accessibility, and more updates! Why not have a look around and explore? You can use tags and categories at the bottom of each post to find similar posts, and you can even get suggested posts when you are reading why post.

Galleries are now sensibly organised and all under one menu in the title bar.

So what’s this gonna cost, I hear you say…

Well my entry tier is free! It gets you access to a lot more content, but the goodies don’t start until you subscribe to bronze – and silver gets you pretty much full access to all historic posts, galleries and such like.

Gold? Well that’s there is for if you really enjoy my content and feel like rewarding me for it!

It costs almost £24 a month now to operate my blog so every little helps!

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I also send out the occasional email; not too many; just as a reminder to check in from time to time. If you’d like to subscribe to these then you can fill in your details below.