Back on the bike… Briefly


After a few very busy weeks with some pretty horrendous weather I finally managed to get back out on the bike again today. I took the Fiido with the trailer up to Morrisons and did a bit of shopping.

It’s got to be said that the funny looks you get from people when you do the European shopping thing and use your own trolley to put your shopping in before you pay for it are funny.

I’m sure they think you’re shoplifting! But what they don’t realise is that under English law they have to prove intent to leave the premises without paying and amusingly the one time I was stopped was when the alarm went off as I went through the gates, not because of me, but because of a woman running past with a load of stolen clothes! The security guard asked to check my receipt and I pointed out that he’d actually missed the real crime!

I did actually complain. I’ve not seen him since…