Heart in mouth moment


It’s a horrible feeling. That moment when your grip slips and your ¬£1500 mobile phone falls to the ground, folding screen down.

Yes, it happened to me. I was quite lucky – the phone damaged the screen protector, and it’s caused a small cluster of pixels to go hot, but it didn’t totally smash the screen (a ¬£450 repair) and I am going to cope with it for a few weeks.

Is it insured, I hear you asking and that, my friends, is why I’m posting this; because when I get a business phone I always ask for the insurance. ¬£15 a month – ¬£180 a year. That’s one very lightweight repair a year pretty much on such an expensive device. Screen damage wipes your entire premium for the full term, although the excess on such a phone as mine is ¬£125.

But was it insured? Well no.

When I phoned up the phone company’s insurers they said “sorry, it’s not insured” and I was all like “whaasaaaat?”

After a bit of prodding and a visit to my local EE shop it turns out that someone had made notes on my file to insure the device from me getting it last August, but then nobody had actually bothered to start the insurance policy running.

So what’s happened is that they’ve agreed it’s their fault the device wasn’t insured, but they’ve also told me I have to back pay all the premiums since inception.

I’m glad they’ve started the policy, and I’ll be phoning them tomorrow to initiate the claim, but I’ve launched a complaint about the failure to start the policy, you see I could have started the policy up to 90 days after getting the phone, and it’s not my fault they didn’t start it.

Meanwhile, away from my latex obsession; I’m seeing a band tonight! It’s a guy I’ve shared a stage with on various occasions but tonight I’m just a punter. I’m actually really looking forward to it!