Gig 2 : Beechwood and Easterside


The club name rang a bell; the club didn’t! They’re all becoming such a blur though as we’re out so much just lately!

So this was Beechwood and Easterside. We played it a few years ago. I was fat back then, with a wispy and rather pointless beard; definitely nowhere near as distinguished!

As this was our second far flung gig in as many days I was pretty much running on caffeine, but I remember we did very well even if the crowd were a little thin on numbers.

A few things were decided though.

1. We have decided to go for the upgraded PA system.

2. We’re going to remove Sundays from our book unless it’s a massive price – none of us enjoy doing them, what with work the next day.

Anyways, Monday is back to work day. So back to work.