New! Looncoins 🪙


I’ve added a rewards system! For each comment (subject to certain quality and length requirements) you get looncoins 🪙, plus you get coins for daily visits and other mystery actions! – a fictional and rather silly currency, however, you can spend Looncoins at the Bank of Nomenloony

Your current balance is .

200🪙 = 1 month’s free Bronze (value £1.99)

400🪙 = 1 month’s free Silver (value £3.99)

700🪙 = 1 month’s free Gold (value £6.99)

If you want to redeem your coins then please contact me and I’ll process the transaction manually for you.

You can check your balance at any time by clicking the Looncoins 🪙 menu option.

*Looncoins can be withdrawn at any time and have no redemption value in cash. Looncoins may change in value over time. Users may have looncoins deducted for abuse of the system. My decision is final and binding.