A find!


The lady was searching through our childhood Lego and she found my spaceman. If you’ve ever seen the Lego movie you’ll immediately recognise this.

It’s a beautiful day.


What a magnificent day to relax after the week I’ve had! It’s nice to see the garden starting to spring to life too. All those bark chippings will...

Hi Viz wanker!


This week I’ve taken on a new client. Their site rules stipulate that full high visibility clothing should be worn – trousers and top. They’re very orange! Such...

18 Years Old!


My blog is 18 years old! It was started in March 2004 as a Livejournal and having been ported through both Blogger and finally WordPress, here we are....



Well that was a weekend and a half. Two gigs, following a busy week. First was Wickersley. A great little club, even if the stage is a bit...

Alton Towers part 2


Dinner was in my usual haunt, Woodcutters. Their vegan burger is great! Washed down with a Bud Light. It’s amazing how the 20% Gold Membership brings the price...