Post Instagram lockout


So I’ve decided my future path with Instagram. Clearly too much fetish and they get twitchy, even though I was heading towards 2000 followers.

My account, therefore, is the old Metalatex account “Nomenloony_Gaming” which is now public and open and is devoted to gaming with occasional shiny clothing.

I’ll be announcing some of the live streams over there in the hope that I can bring in viewers to my Twitch. I really need to get to 50 followers on Twitch though to advance my account so if you’re not already following me I’d appreciate it if you could!

As for YouTube, well that’s not really working out too well for me. Live streams never attract viewers and there’s only so many times I can share the same stuff – so my YouTube is being retired and videos will only be shared here going forward.

Think of it as my shuttering my public fetish account – people aren’t really comfortable with it – and making my shiny ftashion part of my regular life.

Yesterday I streamed in latex again (bear in mind they only stay there for 60 days after original stream date).