The Nomenloonyverse


Imagine the X-Men universe, but with fewer muscles, less Spandex and a few more pies and you’ve got yourself The Nomenloonyverse.

So what’s happened I hear you say?

After much thought and deliberation (about 3 minutes to be precise) I decided that two accounts is a bit hard to handle, so I’ve turned my private _Nomenloony_ Instagram public and renamed it Nomenloonyverse whereas my old Metalatex account (previously fetish content) is now my stream announcements account.

It means that non gamers don’t have to follow that one and means you just have a single account to worry about going forward. It’s going to be a mix of all the things; gaming, life, music, fetish.

I don’t see why not to be honest because all my friends know I wear fetish wear and if they take offence, are they really a friend?

On my blog I’m also trying to restrict the number of categories each post fits into, just 5 is my desired maximum – it makes stuff easier to find. On the other hand, tags are now a free for all and I’ll add plenty.