Skirlington update


My first run to the coast in ages was last night as we were booked to play at Skirlington Tow Bar which is a camp club on a fairly sizeable caravan site.

Now normally since leaving our old agent we don’t play these sort of places anymore so it was a refreshing change.

The place itself was just over an hour drive from our meetup point so not too bad although it’s only accessible using small roads so the drive out isn’t particularly easy.

Our first event of the journey was a crash – not involving us, but it held us up. I’m still actually not sure what happened!

Anyhow, it only delayed us about 10 minutes so we still arrived at the club in plenty of time. We were shown into the room and we set up our gear. The stage was a rather snug one!

Once setup it was tea time, and it’s pretty much law when you’re at the coast to have chippy tea! First we tried the “American diner”, not realising there was a real chippy also on site – only to be told there was a two and a half hour wait for food! We’d be onstage!

Dejected and foodless we decided to walk up to the camp shop only to realise there was a chippy on the end, and wow was it good! Their chips and mushy peas were the food of the gods.

Because we weren’t actually on for another hour I decided to have a walk to see the sea and boy was I not surprised at all. The coastal erosion on this bit of the coast is really fast and every time there’s a storm it takes another few feet of the boulder clay. The club has probably 30 years left itself before they have to abandon it to the sea.

The gig itself was at 9pm, with the second set at 10:15 – bringing us offstage at a very sociable 11:10! Brilliant!

Gotta say… I looked cool and hot at the same time for the second set.

We played solidly, kept them up dancing, and definitely won some new fans over! I can’t wait till we are booked in here again. I really enjoyed it.

After a journey home along the back roads and then down the M62 I finally got in at about 2am.


Sunday was rather different from usual. Having noticed by weight creeping back up slightly I’ve decided to join a gym. It’s the first time in my life I’ve ever done such a thing, but being me and appreciating the better things in life I decided to go with the rather exclusive Bannatynes. These have pools and spas attached, rather than just having a load of exercise machines. I’ve also enrolled in their app so I can track my progress, so I thought I’d start sharing it here.

Check in at 105.3kg

10km cycling, 2km elliptical trainer, 1km swimming.

It was my initial session so a little time was spent getting to know the machines.