What do I pay for?


A little update on my posts…

If you’re a subscriber and wondered what posts only you can see at your tier then why not check out the medals in the post title?

Here’s what they mean.

🆓 Free tier subscribers can see this post.

🥉Bronze, Silver & Gold tier subscribers can see content in this post which other people will not be able to see. This may be the whole post, or just a section which is hidden behind the paywall.

🥈Silver Tier. Same as Bronze, but this time only Silver and Gold tier subscribers can see the content.

🥇Gold (top) tier. This is the most expensive tier and gives you exclusive access to all my material.

You can also use the emoji 🆓,🥉,🥈 and 🥇 to search for subscriber only content in the search bar at the top of the site.