Rawmarsh Trades


Officially my closest gig at just under a mile away and with under a 5 minute journey home. It’s a great club, just a few steps for the...

Looking Sharp!


At the recommendation of a guy from my gym I tried a new beard product. He has a huge ginger beard which takes a lot of taming, so...

It’s here!


After a bit of a hiccup my Fold 4 has finally arrived and after the retrograde camera step I took with the Fold 3 after having had the...

Damn that’s nice!


I love the colour. It’s definitely very me. Plus the front mounted stylus space really won me over. Most have the stylus on the back which screws with...

I love this stuff


It’s not the cheapest, but it’s from a really good local supplier and it smells great. I got this one for mum since she loves strawberries so much,...



I didn’t have a great game. Either far too many vowels or consonants in each rack, but I still managed to score almost 300.